Too Many Projects

How many projects do you have on the go?  I know I have far too many.  My problem is that I’ll get an idea in my head and I’ll have to start it there and then regardless of what’s already on my hook. I’ve told myself that I’m not allowed to start anything new (unless it’s for an order) until I’ve finished at least two of the blankets that I’m currently making. 

These are just a few of of my current WIPs 

Saying that I did start another small blanket last week as we had a last minute trip to Falmouth and I couldn’t sit for 7-8 hours in the car without an easy project to crochet – that’s my excuse anyway 😀 It’s a beautiful place and I’d definitely recommend a visit to if you get the chance.  We were lucky enough to not only have a sea view from our room at the B&B but we could sit up in bed and see it too. 


I’ll say goodbye for now and I hope you all enjoy what’s left of the weekend. Do you think I’ll be able to keep to my promise of  not starting anything new?  I doubt it, but I can live in hope xx 


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