Lost WIPs and a Squishy Blanket

Hello everyone,  I hope you’ve all had a good week.  I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather but have still  done quite a lot of crochet over the last few days.  I really do find it therapeutic, does anyone else feel the same?

I’ve managed to finish the first set of colours on my squishy blanket but now I’ve got the task of sewing the ends in.  I’m going to try and do them after every set of colours as for me 36 ends is more than enough to sew in at one time.  I know if I left them all until the end then I’d never do them and I’d never actually finish anything 😀

One of the highlights of the week was finding this unfinished blanket in my pile of WIPs.  I made a couple of these pastel granny stripe blankets for orders this time last year and I remember starting this one and then realising it was the wrong size.  I think it’s time to finish it and I love working with these pastel colours from Stylecraft.  The colours I’ve used are wisteria, clematis, fondant, candy floss, white, citron, Spring green, sherbet and cloud blue. It will probably be cot size when it’s finished and I’ll be listing it in my Etsy shop.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I’ll be spending mine doing lots of crochet and few jobs around the house that have been neglected this last week.  I may also find time to revisit another ‘old blanket’ xx



5 thoughts on “Lost WIPs and a Squishy Blanket

  1. Beautiful!! Where do you buy your yarn? I’m a new follower so maybe I just need to search more to find it in your site. I’m in the US so I’m hoping there is a website and shipping options. Your work is amazing can’t wait to check out your shop. I’m newly learning crochet but love it so far, relaxing and fun to make little projects. Anxious to try my first blanket in a few weeks.

    1. Hi Meg, so glad you like my work 😊 The yarn is Stylecraft Special Dk and I buy mine from Woolwarehouse. You can also get it from Deramores and I think both places ship worldwide xx

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