Revisiting Past Blankets

I’m working on new things all the time but as you probably know it can take quite a while to finish a blanket ( which are the things I love to crochet the most). As there isn’t really anything new to show you I thought I’d revisit some of the blankets I’ve already completed and tell you a bit about.  If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will have already seen these so I apologise in advance. 


To start off here is my most recent blanket, I finished it last week.  The pattern is called The Fluffy Meringue Blanket and you can find it here

The yarn is the Affection dk cotton yarn from Three Bears Yarn in the pastel range.  I only discovered this yarn a couple of months ago but it has fast become my favourite.  It is one of the few cotton yarns I’ve found that doesn’t split and it has a beautiful finish to it.   I’ve put a link to their website in the sidebar if you want to see the other yarns and ranges they do. 


The pattern calls for a 4ply yarn (fingering weight) and although the yarn I used was a dk weight it was a thin Dk so I felt it was perfect.  I love the 3D effect of this pattern and you can see how it got its name.  This is the second one of these blankets I’ve made but it hopefully won’t be the last. 


4 thoughts on “Revisiting Past Blankets

  1. At what round did you change colours? I’m reading the pattern but it doesn’t have any colour changes in it. Thanks

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