The Start Of Something New

Oh my goodness, here it is, the very first post of my new blog. This is something very unfamiliar to me so you’ll have to bear with me as there may be a few teething problems.
My favourite craft has to be crochet and I’ll start by showing you some of my favourite blankets I’ve made since I learnt to crochet. In fact it’s coming up to my fourth anniversary in April, which is when I first picked up a hook and some yarn, oh how my life changed on that day.

The blanket in the centre of the photograph is the first blanket I ever made. It is a kingsize blanket and I made it for my bed but it was promptly pinched by my daughter and her single size bed πŸ˜€


18 thoughts on “The Start Of Something New

  1. What growth in a year!! Lovely work and the blogs layout is very nice. Looking forward to revisiting! Will have to look for a pintrest to follow.

  2. Yay congratulations on your blog! I love your work. You choose the most beautiful colour combinations. You should be very proud of what youve accomplished xx

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